who we are

Welcome to CaboWork!

We are glad that you made it to our platform to inform yourself about digital nomadism, remote and new work, and entrepreneurship on Cape Verde. We provide a continuously growing amount of information regarding all those topics, while growing a strong online and offline community of locals and internationals on the archipelago.

On this page, we want to give you some more information about CaboWork and our motivation for the project.

The team of the German tour operator Reiseträume Kapverden GmbH saw the potential of Cape Verde being a great destination for digital nomads, but also realized that there is not enough information to attract those to the country, neither in Portuguese nor English. Also, they believe that there is a lot of potential for young Cape Verdeans that is not yet used. Due to this, CaboWork will also be used to educate young Cape Verdeans about their options working online and earning money without leaving the country.

who we are

What is CaboWork exactly?

CaboWork is a community builder that aims to connect entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all around the world with the local entrepreneurs on Cabo Verde. We believe that this will generate a valuable network of knowledge exchange from which all involved parties can benefit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower local entrepreneurs and digital nomads through the power of community, networking, and knowledge, so they can fulfil their true potential.

Our Vision

Having said that, our vision is to become the leading international digital platform for everything related to Entrepreneurship, Digital Nomadism and New Work on Cape Verde. We want to create a great international network of people that like to travel, work, and exchange valuable knowledge while staying in a wonderful environment. Through the exchange between locals and international remote workers and digital nomads, we intend to create social sustainability in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship. We aim to achieve these goals by being a curious, creative, dynamic, impactful, and responsible platform with a team full of these values behind it.

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