Reignite your creativity by exploring the unique art, music, and culture of Cape Verde

Cape Verdean culture is a unique blend of worldwide influences.

Culture of Cape Verde: Key Highlights Artistic Expressions: Music and dance are central to Cape Verdean culture. Musicians like Cesária Évora or Tito Paris are world-renowned artists. Literary Tradition: National literature explores themes of independence, migration, identity, and social realities. Cultural Blend: Cape Verdean culture is a fusion of African, Portuguese, and Brazilian influences, evident in its music, […]

EasyJet Flights to Cape Verde: A Game Changer For Digital Nomads

EasyJet Flights to Cape Verde are coming soon and the flight distance seems shorter than ever! ©EasyJet

Exploring New Horizons: EasyJet flights to Cape Verde EasyJet has heard your call for a tropical escape and responded with four weekly flights from Lisbon and two from Porto to Sal, an island paradise nestled in Cape Verde. These new routes mark EasyJet’s first venture into West Africa, opening up a whole new world of […]

A Weekend in Mindelo, Cape Verde: Your Ideal Two-Day Itinerary

Mindelo, port city, in the island of Sao Vicente.

A Weekend in Mindelo – Day 1 : Sports and relaxation But first, a culinary delight Start your first day on the island with a breakfast on the terrace of a coffee shop in the city center. Here, you’ll embrace the hustle and bustle of the local life, and discover traditional food and drinks. Let […]

Monthly Cape Verde Weather Guide + Insider Tips

Welcome to our Cape Verde Weather Guide!

Key Takeaways from this Article: Best Time for Hiking: Recommended months: October to May Ideal islands: Santo Antão, Santiago, Fogo Enjoy lush mountains and volcanic landscapes on these islands during the dry and comfortable months for hiking. Best Time for Touring and Outdoor Activities: Generally favourable year-round weather in Cape Verde. The dry tropical climate […]

Sal Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Your digital nomad guide to Sal island.

Key takeaways from this article: Sal island is the most popular island in Cape Verde for international visitors. There is a range of restaurants available, specialising in a variety of cuisines. The peaceful island provides a good mix between an international and Cape Verdean lifestyle. You can find plenty of cafés to work from here! […]

Boa Vista Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Your digital nomad guide to Boa Vista island.

Key Takeaways from This Article: Boa Vista can be seen as the quieter alternative to Sal; however, it is still a popular tourist destination. You can explore miles of undisturbed beaches! Sal Rei is the capital of the island, you’ll find plenty of accommodation options there. It takes around 40 minutes to fly from Boa […]

The Best Places to Go Whale Watching in Cape Verde

An image with a picture of a whale and the Cape Verdean flag - 'Go whale watching in Cape Verde'.

Key takeaways from this article: Where to go: The islands of Boa Vista and Sal. When you can see them: Sightings are possible between February and May. Which species you can see: Humpback whales, pilot whales, sperm whales and more! What you should bring with you: A good camera and plenty of water.   About […]

Cape Verde Hiking: 9 Truly Breathtaking Trails

Cape Verde By Foot (Hiking Guide)

Key takeaways from this article: The best islands to hike in are: Santiago, São Vicente, Santo Antão and Fogo. Volcanoes, mountains, lush green valleys… Cape Verde has it all. Avoid hiking between July and October as humidity and rainfall spikes during this time. Bring plenty of water and don’t forget to take photos!   Why […]

How to Create a Unique Freelance Profile & Get Noticed

A blue image with the text 'Stand out from the crowd'

Create a winning freelance profile that stands out – Where do you start? First impressions matter. In the world of freelance, your profile should be a brief window into who you are as a remote worker and what you offer. How well your profile is written can spell the difference between potential clients flooding your […]

Santiago Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Your Digital Nomad Guide to Santiago Island.

Key takeaways from this article: Praia is the capital of Cape Verde and is where the most accommodation and amenities can be found! The town of Tarrafal is well worth a visit! It’s full of music, great food, and a wonderful beach. You can use a taxi to get around, but taking a collectivo (shared […]