EasyJet Flights to Cape Verde are coming soon and the flight distance seems shorter than ever! ©EasyJet

EasyJet Flights to Cape Verde: A Game Changer For Digital Nomads

Seeking the new and exciting EasyJet flights to Cape Verde, more specifically Sal Island?

Are you a digital nomad on a budget, looking for the best deals on the market?

On the African continent, Cape Verde stands out thanks to its excellent beaches, good internet connection, and affordability.

In May 2024, EasyJet altered the game permanently. Starting next autumn, on October 29th, to be precise, the low-cost airline will operate between Lisbon-Sal and Porto-Sal, opening up new possibilities for intercontinental travel at significantly reduced costs!


Exploring New Horizons: EasyJet flights to Cape Verde

EasyJet Flights to Cape Verde: flying to Sal. Not daily direct flights, but quite close to it. The Flight distance never seemed so small! Don't forget your luggage!

EasyJet has heard your call for a tropical escape and responded with four weekly flights from Lisbon and two from Porto to Sal, an island paradise nestled in Cape Verde. These new routes mark EasyJet’s first venture into West Africa, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for budget-conscious travelers.

Journey Commencement: To Connect Lisbon, Porto and Sal

Mark your calendars, adventurers! The inaugural flight from Lisbon to Sal is scheduled to depart on October 29th, paving the way for a new travel route that will connect Lisbon with this vibrant beach destination. The following day, Porto will join the ranks with its first flight to Sal island.

These dates symbolize the dawn of a fresh travel perspective as EasyJet begins its low-cost flight services from Portugal to Cape Verde. So grab your adventure hats and pack your swimsuits, because Sal is calling for a perfect getaway during the winter season.

This may well become one of the most popular routes, and the good news is that bookings are already available on the company’s official website.

Ticket Availability: A winter season in Cape Verde

Most Popular new routes to fly from Lisbon airport, Portugal and Porto, Portugal all the way to Sal island. Prices vary depending on the days and bookings.

Seat Selection and booking availability to Sal

With EasyJet, connecting the airports in Lisbon, Portugal and Porto, Portugal to Sal island will because much, much easier.

The itinerary will indeed become more frequent, as 4 weekly flights from Lisbon to Sal are now available for booking, as well as 2 additional ones flying in from Porto’s airport. As such, Portugal becomes even more tightly connected to this west African country.

Lisbon to Cape Verde in no time - not daily direct flights but almost there!

EasyJet flights already make up for about 10 million passengers flying in and out of Portugal, and the latest route will further the brand’s presence in the country. Departures dates from Lisbon and Porto to Sal are available to book from late October onwards.

Available Deals on EasyJet Flights to Cape Verde: Scoring the Best Price

Finding the best price on EasyJet flights to Cape Verde |©EasyJet

Any digital nomad will appreciate a good deal on a flight! Well, the good news is that we have some tips to properly budget your flights to Sal island:

  • Flexibility is key – When it comes to finding the best deals on the newest EasyJet flights to Cape Verde, flexibility (really) is key! Opt for flexible dates and stumble upon cheap flights to Sal. Compare prices, dates and the best times for your trip to this breathtaking archipelago.

Starting Fares – Trips from under 100€

Airports and air travel: A short Flight Distance of 4Hours with plenty of Direct Flights to get around from Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) to Sal island

Budget-friendly travel to Cape Verde is here to stay. In the upcoming months, EasyJet trips from Lisbon to Sal average price varies from €87.49 to €181.49 (with a typical increase in cost around the holiday season). Specific departure dates can be checked on the official website. It is now a bargain to fly from Europe to West Africa.

Thousands of Cheap EasyJet Flights to Cape Verde Starting in October 2024

EasyJet Flights to Cape Verde - prices for the first 6 months of trips (A lot of passengers may start their booking for the Sal airport with the airline EasyJet)

Did we mention that EasyJet flights to Sal, from Portugal, have been negotiated over the past two years and will start on the 29th of October? Surely, but additionally, next winter season will see a total of 50 thousand seats available from October to March.

This continuous availability of flights to Cape Verde is a boon for travelers planning vacations for the next winter season (and well beyond).

While talking to Cape Verdean media, José Lopes, EasyJet’s Manager in Portugal, stated that Cape Verde is an excellent destination for the low cost airline.

Airports and the expansion of the most popular routes for international flying from Portugal. Departures start in October!

What is the significance of the new EasyJet flights to Cape Verde?

Business and Tourism Boost in the archipelago

The recent launch of the EasyJet route from Portugal to Cape Verde, starting in Porto and Lisbon, is beyond useful, but it’s also a driver of economic development.

It’s anticipated to:

  • Enhance tourism and trade, leading to an economic recovery;
  • Create indirect employment through the arrival of tourists;
  • Contribute to a positive economic impact gathered from the new flights and influx of visitors;
  • Eventually originate new air travel routes for 2025–2026.

Moreover, Cape Verde is undertaking key initiatives to improve its air transportation services, which include revising aviation regulations, encouraging low-cost airline operations, and investing in airport infrastructure. These steps are set to further boost the economy and tourism sector.


EasyJet has announced the launch of low-cost flights from Portugal to Cape Verde, starting in October 2024. This marks the first low-cost airline to connect to Cape Verde and the first foray into West Africa for such services. Tickets are now on sale for flights from Lisbon and Porto to the island of Sal, with 50,000 seats available for the winter season leading up to March 2025.

The introduction of these flights is considered a strategic move to strengthen Cape Verde’s position in the tourist market and to offer more travel options for tourism in the islands.

Ready for takeoff?


  • When will EasyJet's flights to Sal, Cape Verde, start?

    EasyJet flights from Portugal to Cape Verde, more specifically Sal, will start with the inaugural departure dates of October 29th (in Lisbon) and October 30th (Porto).

  • Will EasyJet consider adding new routes to other Cape Verdean islands?

    Presently, further plans are unknown, but we hope that by 2025, the EasyJet flights on offer will also include a selection of the other islands in the beautiful Cape Verde archipelago. We have no information on whether other airports or flights from different airlines (low-cost ones in particular) are on the cards, but we’ll keep you posted!

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