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1st Youth Investment and Financing Summit to be held in Praia


On March 7, 8, and 9, the city of Praia, in Cape Verde, will host a pioneering event of great importance for the country’s economic and social future: the first investment and financing summit for young people, on the premises of the FIC (Cape Verde International Fair).

The event will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde, Dr. Ulisses Correia e Silva.

The motto of this historic meeting is “Creating Opportunities and Connecting Futures,” which reflects the commitment of the government and various entities to the promotion, inclusion, and development of entrepreneurship among young Cape Verdeans.

Promoted by the Ministry of Finance and Business Development, through Casa do Empreendedor, the Summit aims to be a space for dialog, participation, and the design of public policies that have a positive impact on young people.

West Coast and beyond: The youth investment and financing summit aims to create opportunities for the people of Cabo Verde and in Sub Saharan Africa Credits: Pro Empresa
Credits: Pro Empresa

The event will bring together young leaders, entrepreneurs, NGOs, business associations, promoters of youth initiatives and students in panel discussions, conferences, interactive workshops and networking sessions. Through the inclusion of speakers from various islands, as well as experts from Portugal and other parts of Europe and Africa, the summit promotes an enriching dialog that transcends borders, connecting the Cape Verde islands to the world.

The Youth Summit will serve as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors and representatives of educational institutions, offering a platform for sharing experiences, learning from each other and developing new partnerships.

A Commitment to Youth and Entrepreneurship

The current economic scenario demands the active participation of young people, who nevertheless face significant barriers to accessing funding and quality education. The Government of Cape Verde recognizes the urgency of transforming the country into a hub of opportunities, promoting inclusive education of excellence, skills for employability and an ecosystem conducive to entrepreneurship.

Cape Verde is committed to transforming itself into an entrepreneurial, inclusive and social country, with a special focus on Horizon 2030 (Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development). The goal is clear: to create an environment of opportunities for young people, through quality education, employability skills and an ecosystem conducive to entrepreneurship. With public policies and targeted investments, the government aims to leave no young person behind, promoting their productive insertion in a massive and qualitative way.

This summit is an unprecedented opportunity for young entrepreneurs, not only to acquire knowledge through workshops and conferences, but also to exhibit their products and services, gaining visibility in a competitive market.

The organization of the summit incorporates interactive sessions aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem, facilitating access to valuable information on financing, business management and sustainable development.

FEFE: Entrepreneurship and Business Development Fair | Encouraging the development of businesses in the archipelago and in the African continent Pró Empresa
FEFE – Pró Empresa

Betting on the Future at the Youth Investment and Financing Summit

“Our objectives will be to promote a space and create a connection, and we’re going to bring together key elements and players in the ecosystem that provide financial and non-financial solutions to young people. We’re going to effectively create a space so that the institutions of the ecosystem can talk to young people.” – President of Pró Empresa, Edney Cabral.

Young people, especially those who are qualified and integrated into the digital age, are considered the main agents of innovation, change, and precursors to increased productivity in the country. Recognizing their potential, the Government of Cape Verde is committed to reducing the number of young people without education, employment, or training and drastically reducing youth unemployment by 2026. To achieve these goals, public policies are being promoted to strengthen qualifications, employability, and youth entrepreneurship.

A Coherent Ecosystem for Youth Entrepreneurship

Companies and entrepreneurs will have to find ways to involve young people in lusophone Africa (despite the few natural resources)

Today, Cape Verde boasts a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem that integrates job skills, technical education, vocational training, subsidized internships, technical assistance and advantageous financing.

The Summit aims not only to reflect on current public policies but also to announce new approaches and promote the connection between young people and financial and non-financial solutions. It is hoped that the event will be a catalyst for the development of skills for entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as promoting an open dialogue on investment in young people’s skills and entrepreneurship.

A Conceptual Model for Change

Structured to ensure a holistic and practical approach, the Summit will feature renowned speakers and experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, employment and youth financing. It will be a unique opportunity for young Cape Verdeans to connect with potential investors, explore career and business opportunities and increase the visibility of their initiatives.

The Youth Investment and Financing Summit will be attended by several companies and startups such as Be Safe-Group, Carpura, Aromas di Terra and Coisinhas Vegan. The islands participating in this event include Sal, Santo Antão, Boa Vista, Santiago, Maio, Fogo, Brava and São Vicente.

An unprecedented opportunity in Cabo Verde

For Adilson Gomes, Administrator of Pró Empresa, the Summit is not just an event, but a powerful statement about the untapped potential of young people. “This is a unique opportunity to show the world that, despite the challenges, anything is possible when you have support, vision and determination,” he says.

The event serves as a platform for young entrepreneurs to present their innovative ideas, establish valuable connections and, most importantly, see their aspirations taken seriously by investors and business leaders.

Pride and privilege

Expressing his sense of pride and privilege, Adilson highlights the importance of being part of this pioneering event. “Being part of the 1st Youth Investment and Financing Summit is a great privilege. It’s gratifying to see so many determined and creative young people gathered in one place, seeking not only personal success, but also the sustainable development of our nation,” he reflects.

This sentiment is a reflection of Pró-Empresa’s commitment to fostering youth entrepreneurship as an engine for innovation and economic growth.

A Great Responsibility

Adilson also recognizes the great responsibility that comes with holding an event of this magnitude. “We are facing an opportunity to shape the future, to inspire and empower a new generation of business leaders,” he observes. Thus, the Youth Investment and Financing Summit is seen not just as an event, but as a starting point for a journey of continuous support, learning and growth for young people in Cabo Verde.

International reach and local impact in the Cape Verde Islands

The Summit is not just limited to national relevance; it projects Cabo Verde on the international stage as an example of innovation and commitment to youth development. This event serves as a beacon for similar countries, showing that, with the right support and a robust ecosystem, it is possible to turn challenges into real opportunities for young people.

The inclusion of international speakers and experts at the event not only enriches the dialog and learning, but also facilitates the exchange of experiences and best practices in youth entrepreneurship and financing.

Among the names present at the Summit are António Francisco from IEFP Portugal; Pedro Sacramento from Start Up Portugal; Bárbara Onyejose from VCA4 – Nigeria and Dr. Emily Gardner from the World Bank.

This global approach has a strong local impact, offering young Cape Verdeans valuable insights and international connections that can open doors to opportunities beyond the country’s borders.

In addition, the Youth Investment and Financing Summit highlights the importance of partnerships between the public and private sectors, as well as international cooperation in advancing youth entrepreneurship.

Community Engagement and Sustainability

Employability conditions and emphasis on the use of technology in the inhabited islands of Cap Vert

One of the most notable aspects of the Summit is its focus on community engagement and sustainability. By putting young people at the center of discussions on public policies and development strategies, the event ensures that the solutions proposed are not only viable, but also sustainable in the long term. This focus on sustainable development is crucial, considering global challenges such as climate change, social inequality and the need for responsible technological innovation.

Sustainability, therefore, is not just a topic of discussion at the Summit, but an integrated practice in all activities and discussions. By promoting green and social entrepreneurship, the Summit encourages young entrepreneurs to consider the environmental and social impact of their companies, thus aligning themselves with global sustainable development goals.

Legacy and Vision for the Future in the Cape Verdean Market

The holding of the 1st Youth Investment and Financing Summit represents not only another significant milestone for Cape Verde, but also an inspiring model for the world, highlighting how dedication to youth entrepreneurship can catalyze sustainable social and economic change. This event marks the beginning of a new era of innovation, support, and commitment to young people, who are undoubtedly the driving force behind the country’s future development.

The legacy of this summit transcends the three-day event, setting out to be a continuous force for inspiration and action. By networking, sharing knowledge, and strengthening partnerships, the Summit lays the foundations for a future where young Cape Verdeans are equipped, supported, and encouraged to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Through the Summit, Cape Verde reaffirms its position in the world as a country of opportunity and innovation. It also reinforces its commitment to quality education, vocational training and entrepreneurship as pillars for achieving economic independence and sustainable development.


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