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Coworking Spaces in Cape Verde

Note: this publication was originally posted in June 2022 and completely restructured in 2024.

Digital nomads are now a permanent part of modern culture. It is estimated that there are now more than 35 million digital nomads around the world and this number continues to grow.

They combine remote work and travel, they are passionate about adventure, they know about new technologies, and all they need is an internet connection to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

With all of this power in their hands, digital nomads need somewhere to work. Coworking spaces have become popular across the globe – that’s why choosing the right location is key to making this lifestyle work.

Cape Verde is an emerging destination for digital nomads and offers the perfect combination of all the factors that make it possible to work remotely.

In this article, we’ll be diving into coworking spaces in Cape Verde, and highlight what is available in our favorite digital nomad destination.


Coworking Cape Verde – Takeaways

Key Takeaways about coworking spaces in Cape Verde
  • Cape Verde is a growing destination for digital nomads and offers a variety of coworks.

  • Among the benefits of coworking spaces are networking, more productivity, and cost-effective facilities.

  • Prime Coworking and GoHub are the most widespread chains of coworking spaces in Cape Verde.

What is a coworking office space?

People smiling as they work and enjoy a coworking space

Coworking spaces come in many wonderful shapes and sizes. From cozy converted coffee shops to large-scale office buildings, there’s one thing they all have in common: they are a place where remote workers can go to do their work, meet like-minded people, and enjoy their location independence to the fullest.

For digital nomads, this means international choice – the ability to swap the office space for a coworking space in their chosen destination.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Nowadays, coworking spaces are proliferating all over the world and bring countless advantages to those looking for a place to work away from home. 

Let’s see what these spaces have to offer digital nomads and remote workers.

1) Networking and Comunity

For beginners and even experienced digital nomads, traveling to a new destination can daunting. Coworking spaces bring together professionals from many different backgrounds and areas and allow you to work alongside a wide range of professionals with different business objectives. And since working from home can be lonely, a coworking space is a great way to fight isolation, make new friends, and meet people in the same position.

2) Cost-effective facilities

Many coworking spaces provide facilities that cover everything from the most basic to the most formal needs. Choosing the level of access and amenities that are most advantageous offers flexibility, and convenience and guarantees access to an “office” at very low costs.

3) More productivity

A 2016 study by GCUC Community (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) found that 84% of people who use coworking spaces say they are more engaged and motivated.

Working alongside like-minded professionals leads to greater creativity, new and better ideas, and eliminates the typical noise of a traditional home office. 

4) Better work-life balance

For those who work from home, it can be difficult to disconnect from work.

It’s extremely important to have a work-life balance and if you’re vacuuming the floor when you should be budgeting, then having a coworking space where you can go to work can make all the difference.

As a digital nomad, you can’t get enough of the sun? Check out our article on beautiful, calm, and affordable places for digital nomads to spend the summer.

The Best Coworking Spaces in Cape Verde

Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde as the locals call it, is our favorite summertime destination for digital nomads.

Besides its amazing culture and atmosphere, the archipelago offers a growing network of coworking spaces, especially dedicated to digital nomads.

These coworking spaces go beyond just providing a desk and Wi-Fi. They understand the needs of digital nomads and provide a suite of features designed to optimize their remote work experience.

We’ve explored some possibilities currently available, just for you. Take a look below:


Workin’ Cabo Verde, Praia

Prime Coworking Cabo Verde, Palmarejo - shared office in Santiago

R. Visconde de São Januario, Praia

Work flexibly at Workin’ CV. This is Praia’s largest coworking space. Choose from 30 workspaces, collaborate in meeting rooms, or unwind in the relaxation area. Fast Wi-Fi and coffee keep you productive. Daily passes and monthly subscriptions are available.

It offers:

  • 30 Workspaces;

  • 2 meeting rooms;

  • Fiber Internet Café;

  • Conference room;

  • State-of-the-art equipment.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

Coworking packages:

  • Daily Pass – 15€/1.650CVE per day (excluding VAT);

  • 1 to 6 month subscription – 165€/18.200CVE per month (excluding VAT);

  • Subscription over 6 months (premium) – 150€/16.500CVE per month (excluding VAT).

All of them will grant you access to open space, free seats, access to the coffee area, access to the relaxation area, high-speed Wi-Fi, and printing services.

Our Experience:

  • Great news for digital nomads and remote workers looking for a coworking space in Cape Verde! Workin’ CV offers a stable and solid internet connection. Our speedtest revealed almost 50Mb download speed and almost 30Mb upload, so you will be able to work smoothly.

Prime Coworking Cabo Verde, Palmarejo, Praia 

Rua Infante Don Henrique, 21 Esq, Praia Santiago

Palmarejo Baixo, Condominio Mira Mar, Palmarejo Baixo; and

BIC – Business Incubation Center – Edifício Ordem dos Engenheiros

Need a space to work, meet, or host an event? Prime Coworking in Palmarejo has you covered! They offer a variety of meeting rooms and event spaces, along with all the tech and services you need to make it a success, whether it’s online or in-person. Plus, they’re the award-winning best coworking company in Cape Verde!

Choose from three convenient locations in Palmarejo: Praça do Palmarejo, Centro de Incubação de Empresas, and Palmarejo Baixo.

It offers:

  • 50% discount to all the company’s employees for participating in training sessions organized by BIC – Business Incubation Center;

  • Small document scanning;

  • Unlimited Internet (Optical Fiber) 40Mb download;

  • Breakfast room with fridge, crockery and cutlery, microwave and toilets;

  • Meeting rooms with projector, set of sound equipment with microphone, plasma TV, laser pointer, interactive whiteboard, flip chart, marker and eraser, extension cords, internet connection;

  • Events room with projector and screen, set of sound equipment with microphone;

  • Plasma TV, laser pointer, interactive whiteboard, flip chart, marker and eraser, extension cords.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, From 8 am to 5 pm.

Coworking packages:

  • GoDay (One Day) – €15.00/1649,69CVE, VAT included;

  • GoMonth (BASIC) – €100.00/10997,91CVE per month, VAT included;

One Day and Basic include a Hot Desk and access to one branch from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

  • PREMIUM – €145.00/15946,97CVE per month, VAT included;

  • DELUXE – €350.00/38492,69CVE per month, VAT included;

Premium and Deluxe include a dedicated room and access to all branches 24/7.

  • Special Offers – These will grant you access to one branch and one hot desk, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm;

  • One Week – €70.00/6598,75CVE;

  • Two Weeks – €90.00/9898,12CVE;

  • Three Months – € 250.00/27494,78CVE.

One Week, Two Weeks and Three Months include a hot desk and access to one branch from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Prime Coworking also offers access to private rooms.

Website and

SoLuz, Praia

SoLuz - Located in Praia, Santiago

Rua Cesário Lacerda, nº 13 – Plateau, Praia

Work smart and connect creatively at SoLuz Coworking in central Praia. High-speed internet keeps you productive, while partnerships bring fresh art exhibits and a dynamic atmosphere. Multipurpose room available for events.

It offers:

  • Cape Verdean ambiance;

  • Meeting rooms and training rooms available;

  • Prices fluctuate here – see the Facebook page for more information;

  • Internet available.


Coworking GoHub Sal, Santa Maria

Coworking GoHub Sal -a haven for digital nomadism in Santa Maria

R. Kwame N’Kuruma, Santa Maria

Supercharge your workday at GoHub Sal in Santa Maria! This coworking space in Cape Verde is just a few steps from the iconic Sal Beach, offering the perfect blend of work and island vibes.

It offers:

  • 60Mbps fiber;

  • 4G backup;

  • WiFi network;

  • Air conditioning;

  • 10 premium coworking desks;

  • Mix of hot desks;

  • Tables and chairs for flexible configuration for training, meetings, workshops and presentations;

  • Meeting booth for video calls;

  • SMART TVs and projection equipment;

  • Video conferencing facilities for up to 20 people;

  • Video recording booth;

  • Male and non-binary bathrooms;

  • Free filtered water and coffee.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (public);

  • Every day from 6 am to 8 pm (members).

Coworking packages:

  • Thrive Bar Stool – 20€/2199,10CVE per day – Day pass 8 am to 5 pm, grid desk, bar stool, unlimited wifi, AC, filtered Water.

  • Thrive Premium – 25€/2748,88CVE per day – Day pass 8 am to 5 pm, private desk, ergo chair, Samsung 24″ HD screen, laptop stand, wireless keyboard mouse, USB charging point, lighting, AC, filtered water.

  • GoWeek Premium – 100€/10997,91CVE per week – 7 continuous days from date of first use, private desk, ego chair, Samsung 24″ HD screen, wireless key-mouse, laptop stand, USB charger, AC, and filtered water.

  • GoMonth Premium – 250€/27494,78CVE per month – 28 continuous days from date of first use, private desk, ego chair, Samsung 24″ HD screen, wireless key-mouse, laptop stand, USB charger, AC, and filtered water.

Our Experience:

  • Pros: GoHub Sal in Santa Maria had a lot to love! The pleasant space was cooled by both AC and fans, and there were plugs everywhere to keep our devices juiced. Scoring a dedicated desk was an option, and they even offered printing services for a small fee. Plus, there was no mistaking the building — it was clearly marked as a coworking space.

  • Cons: A couple of things held it back from a perfect score. The internet, while advertised as 60Mbps, wasn’t quite as speedy during our visit. Also, the opening hours are a bit limited from 8 am to 5 pm. They don’t have a dedicated conference room yet, and the kitchen services are on the lighter side. Cash is currently their only payment method, and figuring out pricing required logging into a separate portal.

Ocean Café, Santa Maria

Ocean Café in Santa Maria and the most inviting cities for nomads in Africa

Praça Central, Santa Maria

Feel the vibrant energy of Santa Maria while you work at Ocean Café!

Based in the heart of the beautiful and popular town of Santa Maria, Ocean Café is a restaurant and bar that also offers coworking facilities during the day.

When you get hungry, you are steps away from getting a discount on the tasty food offering available. Washing that down with a cold drink, you’ll be free to enjoy the evening entertainment.

It offers:

  • Private suites/Meeting rooms/Virtual offices available;

  • Fibre optic Wifi;

  • 20% discount on lunch or takeaway;

  • Printer available;

Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm.

Coworking packages:

  • €10 per session – According to their Facebook page, “This amount can be fully refunded by spending the same amount (with a voucher) on any consumption made within our structures (bar – restaurant – store – booking suites – airport bar).”


Prime Coworking, Mindelo (temporarily closed for maintenance)

Where locals and internationals can meet in one of Africa's nomadism hot spots

Rua Jaime Mota, n°13 Rua 24 Setembro, n°2 Mindelo (first floor)

Prime Coworking is currently sprucing up its Mindelo location for an even better coworking experience! This historic space, situated in a charming early 20th-century house, has a prime location in the city center, close to the Town Hall.

It offers:

  • 40Mb up/down fiber;

  • Meeting room (6 seats) with a large table;

  • 21 seats;

  • Coffee area.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Coworking packages:

  • One Day – €15.00/1649,69CVE, VAT included;

  • BASIC – €100.00/10997,91CVE per month, VAT included;

One Day and Basic include a Hot Desk and access to one branch from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

  • PREMIUM – €145.00/15946,97CVE per month, VAT included;

  • DELUXE – €350.00/38492,69CVE per month, VAT included;

Premium and Deluxe include a dedicated room and access to all branches 24/7.

  • Special Offers – These will grant you access to one branch and one hot desk, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

  • One Week – €65.00/6598,75CVE;

  • Two Weeks – €90.00/9898,12CVE;

  • Three Months – € 250.00/27494,78CVE.

One Week, Two Weeks and Three Months include a hot desk and access to one branch from 08 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Our Experience:

  • Pros: Prime Coworking in Mindelo has a ton of perks. There are plugs aplenty to keep all your devices charged, and the option for a private room allows for focused work sessions. Collaboration is easy with the well-equipped conference room, and the internet speeds are truly impressive — our speedtest clocked over 60mbps download and nearly 47mbps upload. The massive bathroom with a shower is a convenient bonus, and the entire building has been beautifully renewed, creating a spacious and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Cons: Finding Prime Coworking can be a bit of a treasure hunt — signs on the outside would be a helpful addition. Upon our visit, their hours were limited to 8 am to 5 pm weekdays, with weekends closed. More flexible hours would be fantastic for those who work outside the traditional schedule. 
    While the space is lovely, the kitchen facilities are limited, so you might need to venture out for meals. The chairs could benefit from an upgrade for extended work sessions. During our visit, we were unaware of the free trial day available online, which could have been a nice option to try before committing. There’s also a heads-up: the staff member occasionally leaves for a lunch break, so access might be temporarily limited during that time.

The Don Paco Hotel, Mindelo

The Don Paco Hotel can be found in Mindelo. Are you looking to contact with visitors and create community

Rua Cristiano de Sena Barcelos

The Don Paco coworking space has a privileged location in Mindelo, the cultural heart of São Vicente. Situated on a luxurious waterfront with the island of Santo Antão visible across the bay, it offers an inspiring workspace and a springboard for exploring the island. It has on-site access to the hotel’s bar and restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks to fuel your working day.

It offers:

  • High-speed and high-quality internet — 50Mb;

  • Promotes networking;

  • Prices for non-hotel guests begin at 13,64€/1,500CVE for a day pass;

  • Individual and shared working desks;

  • Printing services;

  • Meeting room with 12 seats;

  • Recording Space;

  • Privacy Pods;

  • AC;

  • Private lockers;

  • Lounge space.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Closed on Sundays.

Coworking Packages:

  • Special Promotion For membership over 3 months – 90.93€/10.000CVE;

  • Day – 15€/1.500CVE;

  • Week – 64€/7.000CVE;

  • Monthly – 140€/15.000CVE;

They all include a work table, meeting room (by appointment), private booths (by appointment), scanning and excellent quality and speed Internet

  • Hour – 3€/300CVE.


  • Work table;

  • Scan;

  • Excellent quality and speed Internet.

The Don Paco Hotel Cowork space also offers private individual rooms, for zoom calls, for 2.70€/300CVE per hour and conference rooms for 9€/1000CVE per hour (or 7,21€/800CVE if you stay three or more hours).

Our Experience:

  • Pros: Great news for digital nomads! Our April 2023 speed test revealed extremely fast internet, reaching a phenomenal 82.92Mbps download and a respectable 47.71 Mbps upload, guaranteeing flawless online work. Furthermore, The Don Paco caters to a variety of working styles with hourly rates, conference rooms for those crucial meetings, and private spaces for concentrated productivity. The workspace is spacious, with comfortable seating, and there were plenty of plugs for powering up our equipment. Printing services are available upon a small fee of 0.09€/10CVE per page. Being an easily recognizable place from the outside, it offers menus for lunch and breakfast, unlike other spaces we visited.

  • Cons: While The Don Paco hits many high notes, there’s room for a more harmonious experience. Charging for water, especially with an 8:00 pm closing time, feels like a missed opportunity for hospitality. The hotel itself doesn’t offer 24-hour services. In addition, we felt that a brief guided tour highlighting the amenities, such as the conference rooms, the meals available, and the private room options would have left a more positive first impression. Finally, the rates for private rooms are not on the website but would streamline the booking process.


Coworking GoHub, Sal Rei

coworking spaces in cape verde - Boa Vista

GoHub, Sal Rei Palácio CV, Sal Rei 5111

Coworking GoHub has a prime location in Sal Rei. Just a step away from the island’s white sand beaches, it offers a convenient workspace with ample room to spread out. Finding GoHub is easy: look for the big white building on the main street with blue windows. It’s above CV Telecom and Samsung, opposite the Shell gas station – impossible to miss.

It Offers:

  • 60mbps up/down fiber;

  • 4G backup. 

  • Mesh wifi;

  • Uninterrupted power supply;

  • 40 seats;

  • Mixture of agency, bar stools, private and premium desks;

  • Meeting room with 8 seats;

  • Privacy pods for video calls;

  • Male and non-binary toilets.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Coworking Packages:

  • Agency Seating: 20€/2219,92CVE per day. Access to a super comfy seat on a large desk area, with a charging point;

  • Bar Stool Working: 20€/2219,92CVE per day. Access to a chair at the workbar with a charging point;

  • Premium Desk: 25€/2774,90CVE per day. A dedicated private desk with a Samsung 24″ monitor, wireless keyboard & mouse, ergo chair, USB charging points, and a laptop stand;

  • GoWeek Standard: 80€/6598,59CVE per week. 7 consecutive days from the first day of use, standard hot desk or seat reservation;

  • GoWeek Premium: 100€/week. 7 days from the first day of use, private desk, ergonomic chair, 24″ Samsung HD monitor, wireless mouse, laptop stand, USB charger;

  • GoMonth Standard: 190€/8798,12CVE per week. 28 consecutive days from the first day of use, standard hot desk or seat reservation;

  • GoMont Premium: 250€/26394,37CVE per month. 28 days from the first day of use, private desk, ergonomic chair, 24″ Samsung HD monitor, wireless mouse, laptop stand, USB charger.


Our Experience:

  • Pros: Get ready to work uninterrupted with Sal Rei GoHub’s fast internet speed, reaching a download of 73.67 Mbps and an upload of 33.33 Mbps. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with CCTV security in this convenient workspace with ample room to spread out. An interesting perk is the fingerprint access system, allowing extended stays beyond official opening hours. This provides flexibility for those who crave uninterrupted work sessions. Additionally, GoHub offers free coffee and water.

  • Cons: GoHub has the potential to be an excellent coworking space, but a few areas could be improved. Unfortunately, we couldn’t rely on the fresh air of the AC, which was a bit discomforting with Sal Rei’s climate. A fridge for keeping drinks cool could also be a nice addition. Most desks, particularly the hot desks, lack plugs and while the price difference between a dedicated desk and a hot desk is minimal (5€ at the time), both should provide a basic necessity like laptop charging.


GoHub Maio Business Center, Porto Inglês

From Europe to Africa, create community in a coworking space in Cape Verde

Predio Cor de Rosa, Ex-Cruz Vermelha, Zona dos Correios

For those looking to travel further afield during their stay in Cape Verde, the island of Maio will certainly be on your list. You may wonder just how strong the internet connection is here, which is where the Maio Business Center comes in to assist you.

Situated in Porto Inglês, a quiet and welcoming environment is available to digital nomads wishing to make a stop in Maio and get some work done. 

It Offers:

  • High-speed internet access;

  • 1 Coworking Room with tables and chairs, with capacity for 8 to 12 people;

  • 1 Training Room with a capacity for 20 people, duly equipped;

  • 1 Office space;

  • 1 Meeting and Videoconference Room with 10 seats, equipped with a sound system, videoconference, projector and a computer;

  • Kitchen and an outdoor space.

Opening hours: All day, every day – 24×7!

Coworking packages:

All Coworking packages include postal address, reception service, internet access, access to the meeting room and the kitchen.

  • GoDay: 12€/1329,40CVE per day. Access to a hot desk, and unlimited internet of 24Mb. You can also use the kitchen facilities;

  • GoWeek: 45€/4985,26CVE per week. 7 continuous days (except sundays) from date of first use. Standard hot desk and unlimited internet of 24Mb. You can also use the kitchen facilities;

  • GoMonth: 120€/13294,01CVE per month. 28 continuous days (except sundays) from date of first use, on a standard hot desk or upgrade to a fixed desk. Access to kitchen facilities, unlimited 24Mb internet. Access is limited to opening hours, but you’ll get a PO box and access to the meeting room for an additional charge.


GoHub Fogo Innovation Lab, São Filipe

Contact this top location among Coworking Spaces in Cape Verde

Gabinete Desenvolvimento Regional Fogo e Brava, old GDR building CV, São Felipe

On the volcanic island of Fogo, situated in the town of São Felipe, they offer a quiet and peaceful environment for working, equipped with fast and reliable internet. 

It offers:

  • 16/8mbps up/down fibre;

  • 4G back up;

  • Mesh wifi;

  • Meeting room;

  • 2 rooms with capacity for 8 people, 4 people in each room;

  • Privacy screens;

  • High performance computers;

  • Free water.

Opening Hours: All day, every day – a 24×7!

Coworking Packages:

  • GoDay: 15€/1653,45CVE per day. On-demand, pay-as-you-go access for a single day. It will grant you access to a chair, charging point, unlimited wifi, filtered water and high performance computers with privacy screens;

  • GoTrain: 45€ or 55€/4960,35CVE or 6062,65CVE, depending if you’re staying before or after 6 pm. This is a training room for up to ten people with access to chairs, a board and board markers, charging point and unlimited wifi.


No coworking spaces nearby? Check out our article to find out cafés in Cape Verde where digital nomads can work!


There’s exciting news for digital nomads looking for a new destination to work remotely from. With the introduction of the remote working visa in Cape Verde, it is now possible for sun-loving professionals to explore its stunning islands.

With several coworking spaces already established, the options for collaborative workspaces are growing. We hope to see more coworking spaces that combine Cabo Verdean culture with European-friendly services while promoting local events and meetups. Cape Verde has the potential to become one of the top destinations for digital nomads worldwide.


  • What do digital nomads do?

    Digital nomads are individuals with a strong desire to explore the world while working remotely.

    There are numerous job opportunities available for digital nomads, ranging from freelance graphic designers to copywriters. It is not uncommon to find them working away on their laptops in a coffee shop or even on the beach, as the possibilities are endless.

  • What is a digital nomad community?

    We all need community to belong to and connect with people who share similar interests and ideas. A digital nomad community forms when nomads come together to share ideas and skills. Coworking spaces are a fantastic place for this, serving as a hub for nomads to get to know each other and host events

  • How can I join a coworking space?

    Coworking spaces offer the perfect blend of professionalism and social interaction.

    You can find your ideal coworking space by researching online. Many coworking spaces have websites or social media pages. Browse through them to get a feel for the space’s atmosphere, pricing, and amenities offered.

    Alternatively, visit in person. Schedule a tour or maybe just drop by. This allows you to experience the space firsthand, interact with the community, and get a sense of the overall vibe.

  • Why should remote workers join a coworking space?

    Remote work can be lonely. Coworking spaces provide a chance to connect with other professionals and build a sense of community – they attract people from various industries and this opens doors to networking opportunities and potential collaborations.


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