Full Stack Programming Course

Free Full Stack programming training accepts candidates

Do you dream of becoming a programmer? Then seize this unique opportunity to take an entirely free course.

There are limited spots for this Full Stack programming course, taught by Sintaxy Academia. Only twenty, to be exact. If selected, you will be given the unmissable chance to be trained and to work in one of the fields with greater professional demand in modern times, computer programming. 


The training will take place in Praia, Santiago, but the courses will also be available through e-leaning, which makes it possible to obtain an international certificate. In other words, the format is hybrid: in-person as well as online. 

Since the applications’ deadline is September 23, we advise you to run and apply here.

Among several modules, the trainees will have the chance to enhance their knowledge on subjects such as cloud computing, web development using HTML, CSS and Java Script, cloud application development, soft skills, amid others. 

The training is free and requires no educational or academic background. You just have to be over eighteen and one of the twenty people approved via the selection process. This will take place in two stages: aptitude tests and subsequent online technical interview for candidates who successfully complete the first phase.  

Be prepared to study intensively, as the training course is rather intensive and lasts all day. The schedule is from 8am to noon, resuming from 2pm until 5pm. Homework will also be assigned.

Upon completion, the trainees will be offered a professional internship or on-the-job training, which will allow them to put their acquired knowledge into practice after this intense full stack programming training. 

The course is financed by the Government of Cape Verde, through the Kode Verde programme, of the Direção Geral do Emprego, by IEFP – Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional and also by Cabo Verde Digital. 

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