Kleidir Fortes and his initiative CV Bodji

Kleidir Fortes Takes His Story of Resilience to Tropics Business Summit 2022

The 6th edition of Tropics Business Summit, one of the most important investment gatherings in the African continent, which brings together Portuguese, English and French-speaking countries, took place in the city of Praia, Cape Verde, from October 10-15. Kleidir Fortes, a young Cape Verdean entrepreneur who was born in São Vicente and is based in Praia, made the best of his participation in the international event. 


The young man brought his initiative CV Bodji to Tropics Business Summit 2022. This innovative project focuses on social inclusion and reintegration of youths who, for multiple reasons, are unable to join the job market. 

“Tropics Business Summit aims to provide additional knowledge on how to create businesses in the African community, using our resources. I want to leave with extensive networking and receive further teachings on how to grow my project”, Fortes said.  

Kleidir, a former addict who doesn’t shy away from sharing the struggles he had to endure while battling addiction, wants to affirm himself as an agent of change for young Cape Verdeans who are facing the same social issues. 

Kleidir Fortes’ business idea joins profit and pleasure. He was able to monetize his passion for cooking, creating an artisanal burger cooking course, where Kleidir teaches his trainees everything from seasoning to saucing, to the actual process of bread making. He even shares digital marketing tips so that his students can grow their micro businesses and increase revenue and clientele.

Kleidir Fortes takes his resilience story to Tropics Business Summit 2022

CV Bodji – comida de Cabo Verde is aimed at young people who suffer from social stigma, namely ex-cons, deportees, addicts, alcoholics, victims of domestic or gender-based violence, and poverty, among others. 

The goal, as explained by the young entrepreneur, is to train around 200 young people, from Cape Verde’s 9 inhabited islands. This will create around 400 jobs for youths, since the project includes the preparation of hamburgers and requires a courier (‘motoboy’) for the delivery service.

“With some investors in this forum, I have learned that you shouldn’t wait for anyone, everyone has to do their part. So, I decided to go ahead, knocked on several doors, until I reached my target”, said Kleidir Fortes, who today owns a burger shop in the town of Praia. 

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