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Top 9 Best Platforms to Find Work from Home Jobs

Your next job opportunity may have just been posted… Now it’s time to find it!

Online remote work is now more popular than ever. Many employers are partially (or entirely!) scrapping the office setting in favour of the flexibility that comes with online work.

One challenge for freelancers that comes with remote work is a lack of security over the long term. Below, we’ve selected ten platforms that connect you with employers searching for contracted company positions on a remote basis.

From personalised job recommendations to providing job alerts, looking through some of the platforms we have listed today will be a great start to finding your dream work from home job.


Our top picks to help you find work from home jobs

We’ve selected ten of our favourite websites (in no particular order) that you can use to kickstart your remote job search. Some of these websites are tailored towards certain professions, such as programming or design – we have clearly labelled this before describing each website.

1) Jobspresso

Find jobs for: Marketing, tech, customer support, and more

Jobspresso provides curated job listings from employers around the world. You can also sign up as a member to activate the handy job alert function, where you are notified as soon as a relevant job to your skills and interests hits the board.


Find jobs for: Marketing, tech, customer support

2) Authentic Jobs

Find jobs for: Web designers, developers, and creatives

Having worked with some big industry names, such as Apple, Twitter, and Facebook, Authentic Jobs is a fantastic place to find homeworking jobs for web design and development. Their easy-to-navigate website makes it a breeze to search for jobs that are suited to your needs, with options to filter for part-time, full-time and more.


Authentic Jobs among the top 10 best platforms to Find Work from Home Jobs

3) FlexJobs

Find jobs for: Work from home & flexible job opportunities

With over 50 remote work categories to browse through, you can search straight away through the job types that interest you. New jobs are posted to the site daily, with over 25,000 jobs currently listed on the site. From a new company searching for remote employees all the way through to well-establish organisations, there are many job opportunities on the site to choose from.


adequate for flexible job opportunities


Find jobs for: A wide variety of online jobs, from customer service to sales.

From web developers to design, software development to sales, the remote job site updates its job board every day with new offers from employers. also regularly features interesting and insightful articles on their main homepage, which is worth reviewing for beginner and experienced freelancers alike.

Website: jobs work home jobs

5) We Work Remotely

Find jobs for: Customer service, programming, web design, and more

Billed as the largest remote work community in the world, you’ll find many an exciting opportunity when searching the job board at We Work Remotely. The thriving community posts regular articles on achieving success as a remote worker, and you can set up an email alert to notify you whenever a job posting that matches your skill set is posted.


We Work Remotely online job opportunities

6) Remotive

Find jobs for: Sales, support, product engineering, programming and more

Remotive provides one of the most popular remote work bi-monthly newsletters on the internet. The newsletter is broken down into categories that you can quickly navigate to, helping you cut out the categories that you are not interested in. You can also search directly on their website, which is laid out to be as easy to read as possible.


Find jobs for: Sales, support, product engineering, programming and more

7) AngelList

Find jobs for: Tech roles

Specifically providing job offers from tech startups, you’ll find that AngelList is one of the best places on the internet to find a startup that matches your values and interests. There are also a number of job offers from leading tech companies – a quick glance lists such names as Twitch, Patreon, and Niantic.


AngelList is ideal for tech roles

8) Skip The Drive

Find jobs for: Finance, editing, languages, programming, and more.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, you’ll find all manner of remote working jobs on Skip the Drive’s job board. There are 24 different job categories that you can choose between, from Account Management through to Web Development. It’s time to swap the office job for your dream homeworking job today.


Skip the Drive Finance Language Jobs

9) Pangian

Find jobs for: UX design, digital marketing, accounting, and more.

Pangian’s rapidly growing community is testament to their easy-to-use and comprehensive job board. With job postings from reputable companies as well as interesting startups, Pangian’s mission is to transcend global boundaries through creating a digital community of remote workers.


Find the best design and marketing work from home jobs

5 Tips to Succeed with Your Online Job Application

Applying for a job online has a lot in common with applying for an office-based one. Employers are looking for someone with the relevant experience, someone who is trustworthy, as well as someone who shows commitment. While the specifics on what employers seek will differ between jobs applications, these three factors remain consistent throughout job posts.

You are likely going to be applying to multiple job offers for an online position. In order to maximise the chances of success, we’ve listed five of our top tips to succeed with your application.

1) Keep it relevant

No employer wants to read a 5000-word application detailing every specific detail of your work history. Keeping the content of your application relevant will keep your potential employer engaged as they read, helping your application to be moved to the tick pile, rather than the cross.

So, how do you keep your application relevant? One method is to closely read the application and select examples from your previous work experience that matches what they are asking for. For example, if an employer is seeking great attention to detail skills, then mentioning experience that reflects specific skill will be ideal.

office, notes, notepad

2) Triple check your application

Unfortunately, even one spelling mistake can mean the difference between another applicant being chosen over you. To maximise your chances of being chosen, we recommend double and triple checking your application. Better yet, have a member of your family or a close friend to read it through – a fresh pair of eyes can often detect strangely worded phrases or spelling mistakes.

3) State how you can help them

Often, those writing a job application write all about their qualifications and previous experience, without directly relating that to how it can help your potential employer. Employers posting a job offer are searching for a solution to a problem, and linking your experience to solving this problem is the key to getting your application at the top of the pile.

virtual coworkers, virtual friends, online friends, work from home jobs

4) Identify keywords and tailor your application

Another reason to read through the job posting closely is to identify potential keywords that you can use within your application. Employers will usually ask for examples where you showcased certain skills, and these are a great place to start. Critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork skills are just a few of the many skills that could be mentioned. Try to mention all the keywords you find within your own application.

However, rather than just scattering these keywords throughout your application, try to think about how they relate to your own experience, as well as the ways you can help them resolve any issues or problems they are facing.

5) Don’t be afraid to celebrate your achievements

Employers want to hear about the success you have experienced, and how you can use what you have learned to help them. Applying for a team-lead role? If you have experience in positions of responsibility, mention these for extra points. At the same time, we recommend only choosing the achievements that are considered relevant. No need to mention your new personal best in the gym!

barbell, bodybuilding, effort


  • What jobs can I do working from home?

    As technology continues to develop and companies become more and more inclined towards online work, the list of available work from home jobs continues to increase. From paid surveys all the way through to full-time online positions, you can choose to invest as much time as you wish to.

    Here is a short list of some of the jobs you can do working from home: Software Developer | Customer service agent | Tutor| Graphic designer| Consulting | Data entry| Programmer|

  • How do I organise myself when working from home?

    While working in an office is renowned for being monotonous and, dare we say it, “boring”, it does provide a consistent framework for getting work done. When you are working at home, you are in many ways your own boss, even if you do have contracted hours. We recommend choosing a dedicated area where you will work every day (at least to start with!), and trying to keep distractions to a minimum.

    This means no Netflix in the background as you work, however tempting it may be!

  • What do I need to work from home?

    The equipment you will require will depend largely on the type of work you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a customer service role, then having a good microphone and a consistent internet connection will be essential. Not to mention, you will need a laptop or device with which to work from.

Picture of CaboWork


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