Kleidir Fortes, A Burger Chef on the Cape Verde Islands, From West Africa (African Continent) to the World

Kleidir Fortes Launches an E-book That Covers All Aspects of Artisanal Burger Production


To kick-start 2023, Kleidir Fortes, a young entrepreneur and businessman, founder of Cv Bodji, announced the launch of “A Bíblia do Hamburguer Artesanal”, or, in English, “The Artisanal Burger’s Bible”.

In March, the young social activist and restaurant proprietor in Praia launched his first book, in digital format. “The ‘Artisanal Burger’s Bible”, which is currently only edited in Portuguese, presents the story of his artisanal burger, alongside many step-by-step recipes, in what can be considered a 101 guide to cooking an artisanal burger.

Kleidir Fortes says it best:

“You can transform yourself into a master of artisanal burger production! All the techniques and secrets to create the most delicious and authentic burgers are in our exclusive e-book. With easy-to-follow recipes and tips, you will be able to impress friends and family with your newfound culinary skills.

Get ready to explore the world of artisanal burger making!” (via Instagram)

You can now find the e-book on CV Bodji’s official website. All you need to do is give your email address and it will be sent across to you.

Creating a Hamburger Bible in West Africa

Kleidir Fortes' Hamburguer Bible
“The Artisanal Burger’s Bible” by Kleidir Fortes – the one and only over the Atlantic ocean

According to Kleidir Fortes, readers will be able to prepare a full meal—from baking bread to preparing the blends, sauces, and sides, all the way through to the final assembly process.

The young businessman created this manual to help those who may not know anything about creating a professional-style burger. Anyone can take their first steps with this e-book, the “Bible to Artisanal Burgers”.

This “bible” didn’t come easy to Kleidir Fortes, who has been working in this field for over 4 years. From training in delivery systems to the creation of personalized menus, the youth has many other projects in development, such as restaurant consultancy.

Fortes also teaches a cooking course for many students, especially for the most vulnerable young Cape Verdeans, who are victims of the economic crisis in Cape Verde. Previously, we at CaboWork have presented Kleidir’s personal journey, one of resilience, on the occasion of the 2022 Tropics Business Summit—one of the most relevant events in the African continent.

Kleidir Fortes’ remarkable journey
in the Cape Verde islands

Kleidir Fortes Cape Verde Artisinal Burgers
Kleidir Fortes (Kleidir_cheef)

Kleidir Fortes’ story is one of perseverance. Kleidir, who is open about being a former addict, is an inspiration to many other young people across the Cape Verdean islands. His life’s project includes the training of 20 young people per municipality, from Boa Vista to Sal Island and beyond. He focuses especially on teens and young adults who are recovering addicts, ex-cons, immigrants, or victims of gender-based discrimination.

Kleidir was able to monetize his passion for cooking, just like many other young entrepreneurs. He created a course on how to make gourmet burgers and teaches his students how to market their business and increase revenue.

A new project for the summer of 2023

In August 2023, Kleidir Fortes took his love for food to the next level by opening a new physical location for Pit Stop Hamburgaria, in Palmarejo, Praia, Cape Verde (and moving past a home-based delivery system). His concept continues to thrive: artisanal flavors, cooked with the best ingredients, accompanied by tasty milkshakes.

In recognition of his numerous accomplishments, Kleidir has been commonly referred to as the “king of burgers” of the Cape Verde islands.

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