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Unitek Innovation Labs was presented in Sal Island

Unitek Innovation Labs is the newest innovation programme created by Unitel T+, the national telecommunications company. Its main goal is to accelerate the incubation of start-up companies and the transformation of ideas into business models. The program was announced in the city of Santa Maria, in October 2022. 


Unitek Innovation Labs was created as “a private incubator dedicated to innovation and software development, with the goal of bringing forth solutions that can help accelerate strategies and implement concrete measures that contribute to the development of the country.”

Under the mobile provider’s direction, this “lab” will focus on getting young national entrepreneurs involved and help start-ups connected to technological development and innovation.

Inoweze Ferreira, Unitel+ General Manager, said in an interview that “this can be defined as an innovative ecosystem, focused on accelerating processes and projects that help the transformation and digitalization of the Cape-Verdean society as a whole.”

Unitek Innovation Labs in an ever-changing landscape.

With our world “evolving at a vertiginous speed”, technology and the internet step into ever more vital roles “in every personal and professional dimension. The Pandemic accelerated the digitalization of our societies even further”, asserted the head of Unitel T+.

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According to Inoweze Ferreira, the traditional telecommunications business is changing, evolving from a business model sustained in voice and data to a model where services and content now play a key role in the revenue structure. Ferreira believes that “diversifying your portfolio is the natural evolution of operators who may want to contribute to the development of nations”.

Solutions found in Unitek’s innovation labs that show true promise to help Cape Verde will be reinforced by guidance, mentorship, training, and financial investment from Unitel T+, as well as its private and public partnerships. This will help start-ups enter the market and improve their chances for business success.

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