Dengue in Cape Verde: What You Need to Know (2024)

Dengue in Cape Verde: Is Dengue a health risk in the Cape Verde islands? Learn more about the controlled outbreak

Exploring the reality of dengue in Cape Verde As we emerge from the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed a global perspective shift as more people become mindful of diseases, especially while travelling. Recently, dengue fever has been in the news, thanks to spikes in Africa, Asia, as well as select countries in […]

Cape Verde: #1 Startup Ecosystem in the PALOP (2024)

Cape Verde: #1 Startup Ecosystem in the PALOP (2024)

Cape Verde Startup Ecosystem The African island nation of Cabo Verde, located off Africa’s western shores, is gaining attention as the next hotspot for startups. Remarkably, the country, with its natural, cultural, and economic splendor, has become the lighthouse of innovation in the region. In this article, we analyze how Cape Verde has become the […]

10 Best Free Things to do in Mindelo (2024)

10 Best Free Things to do in Mindelo (2024)

Are you discovering Cape Verde’s cultural capital on a budget? Take a look at the best free things to do in Mindelo 1. Strolling the streets What better way to discover Mindelo than by wandering its streets? You can follow in the footsteps of Cesária Évora in Rua Lisboa and the surrounding areas, admire vibrant […]

No More Cases of Malaria in Cape Verde – Setting an Example

No more Malaria in Cape Verde - great news for international travellers

Key Takeaways from This Article: The World Health Organization has certified Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) as a malaria free country. This makes Cape Verde the third country certified malaria-free in the WHO African region. Strategic planning since 2007 focused on diagnosis, treatment, and investigating cases helped Cape Verde finally achieve 3 consecutive years of zero […]

Shigellosis in Cape Verde: What You Need to Know (2024)

Disease prevention/ disease control - Shigellosis in Cape Verde

Key Takeaways from This Article: Cape Verde is considered safe to visit. For the most up-to-date information, check your government website. Travellers heading to Cape Verde should wash their hands regularly, especially when visiting public areas in hotels. Uncooked foods, such as salads and cold meats, are more likely to carry the Shigella bacteria. Shigellosis […]

Web Summit 2023: Exclusive Interview with Chuva, a Prominent Cape Verde Startup

Chuva Start Up - Web Summit

Business ideas coming from the Cape Verde islands at Web Summit 2023 According to Danila Silva, the software development company recognised a market need. Among the various IT companies with which they co-operate, a lot of effort is wasted on menial tasks and only about 40% of the time is actually properly utilized. Writing code […]

Kleidir Fortes Launches an E-book That Covers All Aspects of Artisanal Burger Production

Kleidir Fortes, A Burger Chef on the Cape Verde Islands, From West Africa (African Continent) to the World

To kick-start 2023, Kleidir Fortes, a young entrepreneur and businessman, founder of Cv Bodji, announced the launch of “A Bíblia do Hamburguer Artesanal”, or, in English, “The Artisanal Burger’s Bible”. In March, the young social activist and restaurant proprietor in Praia launched his first book, in digital format. “The ‘Artisanal Burger’s Bible”, which is currently […]