Sal Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Your digital nomad guide to Sal island.

Digital nomad guide to Sal: Key takeaways Sal island is the most popular island in Cape Verde for international visitors. There is a range of restaurants available, specialising in a variety of cuisines. The peaceful island provides a good mix between an international and Cape Verdean lifestyle. You can find plenty of cafés to work […]

São Vicente Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Your digital nomad guide to Sao Vicente.

Your digital nomad guide to São Vicente: Key takeaways Mindelo is the only city in São Vicente and is home to many important cultural festivals. You can fly or take the ferry to reach São Vicente. Café culture thrives here, there are plenty of places for you to try out! Don’t forget to head to […]

Boa Vista Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Your digital nomad guide to Boa Vista island.

Your digital nomad guide to Boa Vista: Key takeaways Boa Vista can be seen as the quieter alternative to Sal; however, it is still a popular tourist destination. You can explore miles of undisturbed beaches! Sal Rei is the capital of the island, you’ll find plenty of accommodation options there. It takes around 40 minutes […]

How to Get a Cape Verde SIM Card (2023 Guide)

Cape Verde SIM Card 2023

SIM cards in Cape Verde – Key takeaways: There are two major SIM card suppliers in Cape Verde – CVMóvel & Unitel T+. You can purchase SIM cards from multiple locations on the popular islands, such as at the airport on Sal island. There is good coverage across most of the islands, however if you […]

The Best Places to Go Whale Watching in Cape Verde

An image with a picture of a whale and the Cape Verdean flag - 'Go whale watching in Cape Verde'.

Whale watching in Cape Verde: Key takeaways Where to go: The islands of Boa Vista and Sal. When you can see them: Sightings are possible between February and May. Which species you can see: Humpback whales, pilot whales, sperm whales and more! What you should bring with you: A good camera and plenty of water. […]

TUI Academy wants to train 350 youths from Sal and Boa Vista within the next 3 years 

Tui Academy - a evolução

Two technical courses are currently taught in Sal Island, relating to cooking and pâtisserie, and bar and restaurant. The two courses last for eight months and are aimed at young people who only have education up to eighth grade, are unemployed, and come from families who are struggling financially. The TUI Academy initiative, which has […]

Cape Verde Hiking: 9 Truly Breathtaking Trails

Cape Verde By Foot (Hiking Guide)

Why should you hike in Cape Verde? Made up of ten stunning islands, Cape Verde is a hidden gem for beginner and expert hikers alike. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 400 miles (643.74 km) off the coast of West Africa, the archipelago is home to some outstanding and beautiful scenery that makes it a […]

How to Create a Unique Freelance Profile & Get Noticed

A blue image with the text 'Stand out from the crowd'

Create a winning freelance profile that stands out – Where to start. First impressions matter. In the world of freelance, your profile should be a brief window into who you are as a remote worker and what you offer. How well your profile is written can spell the difference between potential clients flooding your inbox […]

Santiago Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Your Digital Nomad Guide to Santiago Island.

Your guide to the island of Santiago. Often the first stepping stone away from the popular islands of Sal and Boa Vista, Santiago has an enormous amount to offer to the curious traveller. Moving away from the international islands will come with a few differences, such as the availability of international goods, but it also […]

Discover Cape Verde: An Underrated Digital Nomad Destination

Discover Cape Verde An underrated digital nomad destination

The African Caribbean – An underrated digital nomad destination. The digital nomad community is always itching for new places to visit, things to do, and people to meet. The problem is, that many of these incredible sites mean you need to travel halfway around the world, away from family and close friends. We’d like to […]