Global Entrepreneurship Week in 2022

Calheta de São Miguel Hosts Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022

Global Entrepreneurship Week (or GEW, ‘Semana Global de Empreendedorismo’ in Portuguese) is a worldwide initiative that empowers millions of people to grow their ideas and start or expand their businesses across the globe. Cape Verde also participates in this important global event, with the main proceedings taking place in Calheta de São Miguel until November 20. 


The opening ceremony of the 13th edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week took place at São Miguel Town Hall, under the motto “Removing Barriers and Welcoming All”. The event was presided over by Mayor Herménio Fernandes.

During his opening statements, the mayor of São Miguel encouraged young people to seek maximum quality and maintain efficiency as a goal. This is to help them win in a “environment that is increasingly more competitive” and thus “change the investment dynamics in the country”.

Leonardo Cunha and Carla Carvalhal, ambassadors for the Cape Verdean GEW 2022, told youths not to give up. As stated: “it is necessary to invest in qualification and information update, in order to overcome any barriers that persist in the entrepreneurship world.” 

Empreendedorismo Cabo Verde Novembro 2022
Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022 | Image Source: São Miguel Town Hall (Facebook Page)

The President of the Young Cape Verdean Entrepreneurs Association (AJEC – ‘Associação de Jovens Empresários de Cabo Verde’), Lenine Mendes, leaves an important message for young businessmen and women:“the foundation for all necessary change is self-confidence and a spirit of enterprise”.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022: goals and promoters

At the opening gala, Paulo Santos, IEFP’s President, and Mónica Vicente, Pro-Empresa Administrator, concurred that the government will continue to work on the investors’ protection, while making capital available, mobilizing investments, and embracing everyone universally.

According to the organization, this week represents a celebration of those who are innovative, create jobs, strengthen economic growth, and promote the well-being of the population.

GEW is a global event, which has taken place in over 170 countries since 2008. The main purpose of the initiative is to inspire creativity, innovation, and imagination in young entrepreneurs through the implementation of various activities.

In Cape Verde, AJEC, IEFP, and the Prime Minister’s Office work with the Municipality of São Miguel to promote the event.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022
GEW 2022| Image Source: São Miguel Town Hall (Facebook Page)

Dilma Vieira, the coordinator of GEW 2022, said that, in addition to the main event in São Miguel, many other activities would take place all over the country.

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