What to Wear in Cape Verde: Top Fashion and Packing Tips

Cape Verdean woman wearing traditional clothes: Santa Maria and Beyond.

What to Wear in Cape Verde: Key Highlights Embrace the Vibrant Culture: Cape Verdean style reflects the rich blend of African, Brazilian, and Portuguese influences. Pack for Sunshine and More: Year-round sunny weather dominates, but pack light layers for cooler evenings, especially between November and March. Island-Specific Packing: Consider the activities and climate of each island: beach vibes […]

Discover the 10 Best Beaches in Cape Verde

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The 10 Best Beaches in Cape Verde Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Cape Verde, ready to enjoy the year-round sun and the warm climate. The calm and tranquil weather makes Cape Verde’s beaches especially inviting. We’ve split our selection up to cover five unique islands. If you have the time, we […]

Coworking Spaces in Cape Verde

Coworking Spaces in Cape Verde - Coworking Cape Verde

Coworking Cape Verde – Takeaways Cape Verde is a growing destination for digital nomads and offers a variety of coworks. Among the benefits of coworking spaces are networking, more productivity, and cost-effective facilities. Prime Coworking and GoHub are the most widespread chains of coworking spaces in Cape Verde. What is a coworking office space? Coworking […]

Cooking Guide for Digital Nomads in Cape Verde

Cooking as a Digital Nomad: Cooking book with spices and vegetable

Cape Verdean Cuisine is a Fusion of Flavors Cape Verdean cuisine is the result of centuries of African, Creole and Portuguese influences. One of the secrets of Cape Verde culture and the basis of its cuisine lies in the fresh and locally sourced ingredients. This unique combination results in a wide range of dishes, each […]

How to Buy Property in Cape Verde: A 5-Step Guide

Buying property in the Cape Verde islands.

Key takeaways from this article: Working with a local Cape Verdean lawyer can help to ensure a seamless buying process. We do not recommend sourcing a mortgage in Cape Verde. Additional expenses like fees, taxes, and other buying costs typically increase the final purchase price of a property by about 6%. These extra costs include […]

How to Get a Cape Verde SIM Card (2024 Guide)

Cape Verde SIM Card 2023

Cape Verde SIM Card for 2024 – Key takeaways: There are two major SIM card suppliers in Cape Verde – Alou & Unitel T+. You can purchase SIM cards from multiple locations on the popular islands, such as at the airport on Sal Island. There is good coverage across most of the islands, however if […]

Santo Antão Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Santo Antão Mountains Lagoa to Figueiral

This article contains Booking affiliate links. We earn from qualifying purchases, with no extra cost to you. Any revenue earned goes back into making Cabowork the best platform for all things Cape Verde! Digital Nomad Guide to Santo Antão: Key Takeaways Conquer challenging hiking trails like Ponta do Sol to Chã de Igreja or Cruzinha. […]

1st Youth Investment and Financing Summit to be held in Praia

Youth Summit Cape Verde

On March 7, 8, and 9, the city of Praia, in Cape Verde, will host a pioneering event of great importance for the country’s economic and social future: the first investment and financing summit for young people, on the premises of the FIC (Cape Verde International Fair). The event will be inaugurated by the Prime […]

The First National Entrepreneurship Awards Will Take Place In Praia

The First National Entrepreneurship Awards Will Take Place In Praia

In a significant milestone for business and innovation, Santiago will be hosting its first-ever National Entrepreneurship Awards on March 23. The event goes beyond merely celebrating the archipelago’s entrepreneurial spirit but also emphasizes the nation’s use of its few natural resources to drive economic growth and development. A New Chapter in Cape Verde islands Entrepreneurship […]

Dengue in Cape Verde: What You Need to Know (2024)

Dengue in Cape Verde: Is Dengue a health risk in the Cape Verde islands? Learn more about the controlled outbreak

Exploring the reality of dengue in Cape Verde As we emerge from the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed a global perspective shift as more people become mindful of diseases, especially while travelling. Recently, dengue fever has been in the news, thanks to spikes in Africa, Asia, as well as select countries in […]