Is Cape Verde Safe to Visit in 2023? + 7 Safety Tips

Cape Verde Safe 2023

Key takeaways from this article: The Cape Verde islands are extremely safe to visit, especially when compared to many other African countries; however, we recommend taking the usual precautions to protect your valuables. Be extra careful when heading into crowded areas, as these areas may be frequented by pickpockets. Travelling solo as a woman is […]

São Vicente Island: Digital Nomad Guide

Your digital nomad guide to Sao Vicente.

Digital nomad guide to São Vicente: Key takeaways Mindelo is the only city in São Vicente and is home to many important cultural festivals. You can fly or take the ferry to reach São Vicente. Café culture thrives here, there are plenty of places for you to try out! Don’t forget to head to the […]

How to Get a Cape Verde SIM Card (2023 Guide)

Cape Verde SIM Card 2023

Key takeaways from this article: There are two major SIM card suppliers in Cape Verde – CVMóvel & Unitel T+. You can purchase SIM cards from multiple locations on the popular islands, such as at the airport on Sal island. There is good coverage across most of the islands, however if you venture into more […]

TUI Academy wants to train 350 youths from Sal and Boa Vista within the next 3 years 

Tui Academy - a evolução

Two technical courses are currently taught in Sal Island, relating to cooking and pâtisserie, and bar and restaurant. The two courses last for eight months and are aimed at young people who only have education up to eighth grade, are unemployed, and come from families who are struggling financially. The TUI Academy initiative, which has […]

Applications for Cabo Verde Digital Scholarship open until 23 January

Cabo Verde Digital

“Cape Verde’s digital transformation is our priority”.  Milton Cabral – Cabo Verde Digital To date, the Cabo Verde Digital scholarship has presented encouraging results. CV Digital provided financial support for around 150 young entrepreneurs and 83 projects in the first three editions of the program. The Cabo Verde Digital Scholarship will support at least an additional […]

The 2nd Sal Municipal Sports Forum focused on Entrepreneurship, Sports, and Youth

Forum Municipal de Desporto main image/ Municipal Sports Forum

The opening session for the Municipal Sports Forum, held at the Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho (or Council Chambers’ Noble Hall), was hosted by Carlos Monteiro, Minister of State for Youth and Sports, under the motto of “Together, so that sport doesn‘t stop”. Over the course of three days, the youths heard speakers from […]

Cape Verde strongly represented at Web Summit 2022 

Cabo Verde at Web Summit 2022

The young Cape Verdean companies that were selected to attend Web Summit 2022 were helped by the Cape Verdean Government, which paid for their travel and accommodation as well as their participation fees. The group did their best to increase their network, find potential partners and investors, and publicize their businesses. 10 Startups were presented: […]

Startup Blue Wax Wins the Hackathon Weekend on Sal Island

Blue Wax wins Blue Hack 2022

The Blue Hack, a Hackathon for a Blue Economy and Nature-Based Solutions, was attended by several mentors, but also by advisors who passed on advice and teachings through a virtual platform. According to Luís Frederico, consulter and enabler for the event, Blue Hack, a three-day marathon, served the main goal of helping micro companies and […]

Cape Verdean professionals enticed by job opportunities overseas 

job opportunities overseas for Cape Verdean Professionals

CaboWork spoke with some young Cape Verdean professionals to better understand the current wave of emigration. Some interviewees requested that their statements be included while remaining anonymous. It is precisely the case for a young Cape Verdean who lives in Sal Island and currently occupies a middle management position at a resort in Santa Maria […]

Unitek Innovation Labs was presented in Sal Island

Inoweze Ferreira Unitel T+

Unitek Innovation Labs was created as “a private incubator dedicated to innovation and software development, with the goal of bringing forth solutions that can help accelerate strategies and implement concrete measures that contribute to the development of the country.” Under the mobile provider’s direction, this “lab” will focus on getting young national entrepreneurs involved and help […]